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    The 3rd C students have received a workshop on nutrition throughout several weeks of the 2nd term. The workshop has been given by the association "Food Justice"


   In the workshop many aspects related to food have been addressed: Social, economic, health, advertising, etc.


   As a culmination, the students had to carry out a continuity activity to put into practice some aspect they learned and share it with their classmates at the center, which we will detail below.


Nutritive values.


    All packaged products come with a table showing the different nutrients they are made of. However, these values tend to go unnoticed because they are set with a very small font size. Also, not everyone knows the recommended values for each of the nutrients.


    For this reason, the 3rd C students have chosen different products, amplified these values and established a color code so that at a glance it can be seen how healthy the food is.


    Red: Not healthy


   Yellow / Orange: Unhealthy


   Green: Healthy.


The nutrients chosen for their study were the following: Fats, Saturated Fats, Sugars and Salt.

TEACHER: Alberto Martínez

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