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The objective of the project has been to give more knowledge to the great event that took place in the 16th century that was the first  circumnavigation of the world, a milestone that is largely unknown today by much of society and students and that despite being a fact of extraordinary heights continues to be overshadowed by other events of less importance.  To be related to the Trust Project, I thought about treating 4 aspects that could be related to the objectives of the program and they were: Medicine and diseases, technological advances, food and finally spices.

The group chosen to carry out this work has been 2nd year of ESO B and I decided to divide the work into 4 groups that will deal with each of the topics discussed above. The purpose was for them to investigate on their own and with my advice on these issues and then expose in class with the help of images each of the themes.

  1. A group was in charge of presenting the advances in navigation, both of the boats or ships that were used for these transatlantic trips and devices or inventions that helped in the orientation and knowledge of the places where they ventured such as the astrolabe or  the sextant. 

  2. Diseases more typical of the time such as scurvy or typhus in addition to explaining the rudimentary and archaic medical treatments were part of the second group.

  3. The food they carried on the boats was an interesting topic, types of food  and the reason for it and of course what deficiencies they had that were later reflected in  detriment to your health.

  4.   Finally, the value of the valuable spices from the nutritional, health and economic point of view was revealed, and that they were the main objective of this feat.  

In conclusion I want to emphasize that, through the contribution of these group activities, a greater knowledge of this historical fact and its relationship with the scientific world has been acquired.

Group: 2nd ESO B
Teacher: Alberto Galán Copete





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