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The students of 1st ESO  they have used mathematics to develop a healthy diet. To do this, they used the Harris-Benedict formula:


Male: activity level ´ [66 + (weight in kg ´ 13.7) + (height in cm ´ 5) - (age ´ 6.8)]


Woman: activity level ´ [65.5 + (weight in kg ´ 9.6) + (height in cm ´ 1.85) - (age ´ 4.7)]


where depending on gender, age, height, weight and level of daily exercise we can calculate the number of daily calories our body needs. Then, they developed two daily menus that were adjusted to the amount previously calculated. Finally, they presented the results they had obtained to their classmates.

TEACHERS: José Luis Pabón  and José Carlos Arjona 

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